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support-arsenalA decade ago Arsenal won their last premier league title without losing a game and one could remember how fierce the team was with attacking force like Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Denis Bergkamp etc. Since then the fear factor started to get faded with star players leaving the club at regular interval. As a fan, it was heart aching to witness lukewarm performances from the club which ruled premier league for many years. Arsene Wenger, the most successful and the longest serving manager for the club, was a game changer when he acquired the role but his tactics haven’t gone too well recently. As a result, he often faced a backlash from fans and critics. Although the club has successfully maintained their champion’s league status every year under his guidance but the club’s ambition to challenge for title were questioned by the sports pundits in past few years.

With title rivals getting stronger every season, Wenger was not able to hold on to his best player nor could he bring an equally skillful replacement. No one can doubt Wenger’s capabilities but his transfer policies aren’t worth appreciation. He let the star players to move out to title rivals unlike the managers of Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool and newly reigned club Manchester City. Further adding to agony, his target list always included highly rated players like Julian Draxler, Karim Benzema, Luiz Suarez which never got materialized and most of the times he ended up with players like Park-Chu-Young, Andrea Santos, Kim Kallstrom etc. When talk about our club’s transfers, it’s hard to ignore how slow it is. We keep reading stories about Arsenal’s transfer targets while our rivals had already strengthen their squad. There were many instances when we ended up signing players on the deadline (sometime even failing to get one through as well). Such late transfer doesn’t give our new signings much time to adjust with conditions (if signed from other leagues) and since they don’t get much time to practice with squad, it takes a while for them to gel with other players and staff.

Finally, Arsenal have won a trophy (FA cup) after 9 years and now fans like me have started to believe that it would start another trophies laden era. We are expecting more star players to join in during this transfer window but as it currently looks, we may see another late transfer business by the club since most of the targeted players are participating in world cup. The grand tournament would start in few days so we should have acquired at least one signing by now like Chelsea and Liverpool have done. If a player performs well during WC, their already inflated prices can go higher which would certainly dent Arsenal’s hope of signing since Wenger don’t like to spend huge money on players. Wenger has practiced this policy for many years but given our beloved club has shrugged off a big amount of debt already and successfully installed in a new and modern stadium, it’s time that this transfer policy is changed. Spending money on players like Luiz Suarez is definitely worthy. Every time Arsenal fails to challenge for title and gets knocked out of cup competitions, some angry fans or even critics start asking for Wenger’s head. To me Arsene Wenger is one of the best managers in the world and certainly the best to lead Arsenal to the path of glory once again. But the change that fans like me want to see lies in the transfer policies. Beside transfer policies, I also doubt the capability of training/fitness and medical staff. It’s hard to believe how our players get injured very frequently and are often ruled out for months while our competitor stays fit. We must bring in efficient staff members to deal with injury/fitness and rehabilitation issues.

The club has finally gained the momentum and much needed confidence to cement the place as genuine title contender. So it’s high time when Arsenal should truly change gear to catch up with rivals. As an Arsenal fan and supporter, I can at least have such expectations.